Interpol’s Wanted Thomas Zilliacus Denies Fleeing, Cites Illness as Reason

Interpol’s Wanted Thomas Zilliacus Denies Fleeing, Cites Illness as Reason

Thomas Zilliacus, a well-known entrepreneur from Finland, has categorically refused any allegations of him fleeing from the authorities. He was recently placed under a red notice by Interpol, an international police organization, due to an arrest warrant issued in Singapore against him.

Zilliacus has been in the limelight due to allegations that he provided misleading information regarding the financial status of YuuZoo, a listed company for which he was the board chairman until April 2018. Thomas Zilliacus has vehemently denied these allegations, asserting that the Singapore stock exchange attempted to create hurdles for YuuZoo’s operations. He also revealed that two civil lawsuits have been filed in two different countries regarding the treatment of YuuZoo and a third lawsuit is expected to be filed in a third country.

The Singaporean publication, The Straits Times, reported that Zilliacus is suspected of participating in fraudulent financial activities for YuuZoo. The report suggests that Zilliacus and other high-ranking officials of the company, including the current chairman and the former CFO, have refused to return to Singapore. Furthermore, the company’s former CEO, Rames Matthew Somasundramia, is accused of providing misleading information.

In a press release, Zilliacus has refuted all the allegations stated in the news report. He insists that he has never denied any requests from the police to return to Singapore and has always been accessible whether in person, over the phone, via Zoom meetings, or email.

Zilliacus also disclosed in the announcement that he suffers from a disease that currently has no cure. One of his health issues is a long-term covid disease which restricts him from undertaking long air journeys. He informed the police about his health condition in July 2020, and since then, the police haven’t demanded him to return to Singapore.

Zilliacus last reported his health status to the police on February 15, 2024, and wasn’t asked to return to Singapore afterwards.