Modric Demonstrates the Challenge of Sidelining Him

Modric Demonstrates the Challenge of Sidelining Him

The head coach of the renowned football team, Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, candidly expressed that the skill and talent displayed by Luka Modric makes it increasingly challenging to consider leaving him out of the field. Despite being 38 years old, an age where many professional footballers have already hung up their boots, Modric continues to defy expectations with his performance. This was notably evident in the recent match against Sevilla, where he was instrumental in clinching a victory for his team.

Ancelotti shared his admiration for Modric, praising the significant impact the player continues to make on the pitch. “Luka’s exceptional goal was a cause for celebration. It not only added three points to our tally but also demonstrated the immense value he brings to the team. His consistent performance and exemplary commitment during training sessions make it difficult to consider leaving him on the bench. It’s a complex decision because of the high caliber player he is,” Ancelotti reflected.

The Italian coach’s press conference was largely centered around Modric, whose decisive goal in the 81st minute ensured Real Madrid’s victory against the Andalusians at Santiago Bernabéu. Ancelotti acknowledged that the decision to renew Modric’s contract lies primarily in the player’s hands. “Modric, along with Kroos and Nacho, are in a similar situation. However, the club will strive to resolve these matters in the upcoming months,” he stated.

Ancelotti further said, “I understand the speculation surrounding the end of Modric’s career, especially when he isn’t playing. However, Modric himself doesn’t see it that way. Despite his age, he doesn’t perform like a player nearing the end of his career. The quality of his performance outweighs the amount of time he spends on the field. I believe the rumors about the end of his career are unfounded,” he added.

During the match, Ancelotti and his players were closely monitoring the referee’s decisions, particularly following the disallowed goal against Lucas Vázquez in the 10th minute. “Adjusting to the introduction of VAR in football has been challenging. VAR was implemented to rectify clear errors, but in this case, it wasn’t a blatant mistake. While Nacho may have touched the foot, he also made contact with the ball. The referee’s on-field decision, which I felt was fair, was subsequently reviewed by VAR,” Ancelotti explained.

The coach voiced his concerns about the impact of VAR on the game, stating that it’s not just about this particular match, but a broader issue since the introduction of VAR. “In the first half, we did voice our protests and lost control somewhat, but we regained composure in the second half,” he remarked.

Finally, Ancelotti acknowledged the difficulty of the match in the absence of key players such as Joselu and Bellingham. “The team delivered a commendable performance despite the challenges. The absence of key players like Joselu and Bellingham, who usually lead from the front, was felt,” he concluded.

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