Once Again, I Prove My Ability to Enjoy Football and Be a Champion

Once Again, I Prove My Ability to Enjoy Football and Be a Champion

Jenni Hermoso, a prominent player of the Spanish national team, reflected on the recent victory of the team over France in the Nations League. In a game that took place in La Cartuja, Seville, the Spanish team emerged victorious with a score of 2-0. However, Hermoso refrained from describing the Nations League as a mere “prize”. Instead, she attributed the victory to the culmination of an extensive amount of hard work, training sessions, and consistent efforts. She expressed her contentment over having the chance to enjoy playing football again, and to experience the thrill of being a champion once more.

In the mixed zone post-match interview, Hermoso articulated her thoughts about the match. She described it as a significant day since it marked the first time the Spanish team had beaten France. The Spanish team dominated the game and had numerous chances to score. Despite losing possession of the ball in the latter half of the match, she praised the team’s resilience and ability to endure under pressure. She emphasized the responsibility of defending their title as world champions and the necessity of giving their best in every match.

Reflecting on the team’s achievement of securing a new title six months after becoming world champions, Hermoso reiterated that it was not a prize, but a result of continuous hard work, perseverance, and self-improvement. She took pride in her ability to prove her strength and resilience on a daily basis, and her capacity to enjoy playing football and being a champion once again.

Interestingly, Hermoso, who had been a controversial figure during the last World Cup due to an incident involving a kiss from former RFEF president Luis Rubiales, confessed that she has lately been introspecting a lot. She expressed her gratitude towards her family and highlighted the importance of bravery and consistency in one’s thoughts and actions.

Furthermore, Hermoso, a Madrid native, also shed light on the legacy that the current Spanish team is creating. She expressed pride in knowing that many young girls aspire to be champions, following in the footsteps of the current team. She optimistically stated that the future of football is going to improve thanks to the efforts of the current and previous generations.

Looking ahead, Hermoso shared that the next goal for the team is to participate in the Olympic Games and strive to win a medal. However, she emphasized the importance of taking time to savor the joy of their recent title victory. She expressed gratitude for the ability to realize her dreams through her hard work and felt she deserved to experience such moments of triumph. She also acknowledged the record-breaking attendance at the women’s team final match in La Cartuja.

In conclusion, Hermoso expressed her happiness over the growing support for women’s football. She found joy in winning titles in front of their home crowd and stressed that the increasing popularity of women’s football indicates that it is the future of the sport.