Random Massachusetts Woman Receives $20,000 Worth of Lottery Scratch Cards in FedEx Mishap

Random Massachusetts Woman Receives ,000 Worth of Lottery Scratch Cards in FedEx Mishap

FedEx Accidentally Delivers $20,000 Worth of Scratch Cards to Massachusetts Woman

In a surprising turn of events, FedEx mistakenly delivered $20,000 worth of lottery scratch cards to an unsuspecting woman in Massachusetts. However, the woman would not have been able to cash in on any potential winnings as the scratch cards hold no value unless they are delivered to an authorized lottery seller.

Danielle Alexandrov, who works at an office in East Falmouth, made the unexpected discovery when she opened a package that turned out to be a “very heavy” box, as she shared with local news outlet WCVB. “I open it up and it’s a box of scratch tickets,” she said. “And I’m thinking, ‘Is this a joke?’ until I look at the receipt and its value is $20,000 worth of scratch tickets.”

According to WCVB, the intended destination for these scratch cards was Kenyon’s Market, a nearby liquor store that sells lottery tickets. However, somehow they ended up at Alexandrov’s workplace.

Despite the potential life-changing possibilities, Alexandrov decided to do the right thing and return the box. She expressed her concerns, saying, “I played the tape out through my mind. What would happen if I kept these? Would I be able to sleep at night? Those kinds of things — and I was like, ‘No, the right thing to do is to go return it.'”

Interestingly, even if Alexandrov had chosen to keep the scratch cards, they would have been worthless unless they had been delivered and authorized by a licensed lottery retailer. Christian Teja, a representative from the Massachusetts Lottery, explained, “If someone tried to take one of these tickets, if it was a winning ticket, brought it to a retail location, there would be a message that would flag it and they’d be unable to cash the ticket.”

FedEx has not yet responded to Insider’s request for comment on the incident.