Sachin Pilot Opens Up About His Stress-Eating Habits During Rajasthan Assembly Elections

Sachin Pilot Opens Up About His Stress-Eating Habits During Rajasthan Assembly Elections

Sachin Pilot, a Congress leader and former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan, recently shared in an interview with NDTV that he tends to stress-eat during elections. As he campaigns across Rajasthan for the upcoming state assembly elections, Mr. Pilot admitted that he puts on weight due to stress eating. He mentioned that his go-to stress-busters during this time are namkeen, kaju, barfi, and samosa – whatever is available.

When it comes to his routine during elections, Mr. Pilot stated that he doesn’t follow a set schedule. He wakes up around 5:30-6 am and ends his day around 1 am. However, election times are different as they are incredibly hectic. He eats wherever he can, whether it’s on the plane, in cars, or at someone’s house.

But how does he shed those extra kilos gained on the campaign trail? Mr. Pilot said that ultimately, he has to work it off later. However, during elections, he allows himself some freedom in terms of his diet. As a youth icon in Rajasthan, he often receives chants of “I love you” during rallies, which he considers an unadulterated type of outpouring of support.

Mr. Pilot also acknowledged the disruption in work-life balance during elections. Although his children understand the demands of election times, he made sure to spend a day with them and celebrate Diwali. He believes that while elections are important, it’s also crucial to celebrate festivals.

When asked about his future aspirations, Mr. Pilot stated that the decision lies with the high command, but his heart remains with the people of Rajasthan. He also addressed the issue of the spike in suicide cases in Kota this year, emphasizing the need for society to relax and not put excessive pressure on the youth.

Looking ahead to the state assembly elections on November 25, Mr. Pilot expressed confidence in winning from his constituency Tonk. In the previous election, he secured a victory by a margin of over 54,000 votes against the BJP’s Yoonus Khan.

Overall, Sachin Pilot’s campaign is strategic, pointed, and coherent, as he aims to secure a successful outcome for the Congress party in Rajasthan.