Super Tuesday 2024: Biden and Trump Secure Michigan Primaries in USA

Super Tuesday 2024: Biden and Trump Secure Michigan Primaries in USA

On Tuesday, Joe Biden and Donald Trump emerged victorious in their respective primaries in the state of Michigan. The business tycoon, Trump, also secured himself a win in Missouri on Saturday. He confirmed his win at the convention in Michigan, which assigned an additional 39 delegates to the 12 already allocated on Tuesday in the same state. Trump also participated in the caucuses in Idaho, where he had previously suffered defeat in 2016 at the hands of Texas senator Ted Cruz. Trump’s victories in all party electoral tests have so far earned him 247 delegates, with more expected from Idaho once the count is finalized. He needs another 968 to reach the “magic number” of 1,215, the total needed to secure the nomination at the Republican convention.

Trump’s challenger, Nikki Haley, has only managed to secure 24 delegates. As for Biden, his “magic number” to secure the Democratic nomination is 1,968. Attention now turns to Super Tuesday, on March 5, when sixteen states and one territory will hold their presidential primaries to choose the candidate for the November 5 elections. The Republicans will be fighting for 854 of the 2,429 total delegates, while the Democrats have 1,420 delegates up for grabs. Neither Biden nor Trump are expected to secure their nominations on Tuesday, but they will certainly edge closer to their goal.

Following her disappointing results, Haley, who has been losing major donors, may announce that she is suspending her campaign, leaving Trump as the sole Republican contender. Between today and the 23rd, ahead of Trump’s trial for illegal payments to a porn star scheduled to start in New York on March 25th, there will be nine election days. These will include primaries, caucuses, and conventions organized by parties, which will likely shape the candidate landscape. On March 3, Washington DC will hold its Republican primaries. This will be followed by North Dakota’s Republican caucuses on March 4th. Super Tuesday falls on March 5th, with Democratic primaries taking place in fourteen states and American Samoa.

The progressive primaries in Iowa will kick off on Tuesday, but voting will be open until June 4th. Republican primaries will take place in fourteen states on Super Tuesday. On March 6th, Hawaii will hold its Democratic caucuses. March 8th will see American Samoa hold its Republican caucuses. On March 12th, Democratic primaries will be held in Georgia, Mississippi, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Washington state, as well as abroad. Republican primaries will also take place in four states. March 16th will see Guam hold its Republican convention. March 19th will host both Democratic and Republican primaries in five states. On March 23rd, the Democratic primaries will take place in Louisiana and Missouri, with Republican primaries also being held in Louisiana.

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