Save $139 and Get Rosetta Stone for Life with a $160 One-Time Fee on StackSocial

Save 9 and Get Rosetta Stone for Life with a 0 One-Time Fee on StackSocial

If you’re looking to learn a new language but can’t move to a country where it’s spoken, there are online options available. One of the best programs for serious learners is Rosetta Stone, especially for auditory learners. In fact, we named it the best language learning app for auditory learners in our guide.

Currently, StackSocial is hosting its Deal Days event with various discounts on the site. For lifelong learners, a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone is already discounted by 36%. However, you can further sweeten the deal by using the coupon code “ROSETTA” at checkout. This will give you an additional $29 off, bringing the total discount to $139 off the regular price. With this offer, you’ll only pay $160 for unlimited access to Rosetta Stone. The deal does not have a set expiration, but it is recommended to make your purchase sooner to avoid missing out on the savings.

With this membership, you’ll have access to 25 different languages, allowing you to communicate better with locals during your travels and feel more comfortable in international settings. Even if you don’t plan on traveling, improved language skills can benefit you when interacting with international neighbors or enjoying media from other countries. Each lesson, regardless of the language, is divided into manageable sections, both online and offline. You’ll also have access to an immersive learning environment that will keep you engaged throughout the course and allow you to practice your accent using speech recognition technology.