Suicide Hypothesis Emerges in the Death Case of Thomas Kingston

Suicide Hypothesis Emerges in the Death Case of Thomas Kingston

Lady Gabriella Windsor’s husband, Thomas Kingston, tragically passed away due to a traumatic head injury. A pistol was discovered close to his body, which was found in an outbuilding of his parents’ Cotswolds house, as reported by the Daily Mail. While the paper refrained from suggesting suicide, it appears to be the most plausible theory at present. The late Mr. Kingston, aged 45, was discovered in his family’s country villa on Sunday evening. An autopsy subsequently confirmed the cause of his death, a fact revealed in Gloucestershire Coroner’s Court today.

It was his father who discovered his body after forcibly entering a locked building following a lunch with his parents, as shared by coroner Katy Skerrett. Following a distress call made by a family member to 999, police and paramedics arrived at the scene. Authorities have stated that Kingston’s death does not appear suspicious.

His widow, Lady Windsor, together with his family, expressed their grief through a public statement. They remembered him as an “exceptional man who brightened the lives of all who knew him”, and acknowledged his sudden death as a “great shock to the whole family”.

Kingston, who had previously survived an Iraqi attack in which 22 people lost their lives, was once romantically linked to Pippa Middleton, the sister of the Princess of Wales. At the time of his demise, he was employed in finance. He had been associated with Devonport Capital since 2017, a firm known for aiding businesses in emerging economies and post-conflict situations.

Known affectionately as Ella to her close friends, Lady Gabriella was 18th in line to the throne at her birth. Over time, she slipped below the 50th position. Despite this, she was consistently under public scrutiny, being particularly adored by Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen bestowed upon her a grand wedding in St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle in 2019. Her dress was designed by Luisa Beccaria while he wore a standard morning coat. This was just a year after the wedding of Harry and Meghan.

The late Prince Philip, despite his deteriorating health, made a brief appearance at their wedding. The couple had announced their engagement the previous summer. They were often seen at royal family gatherings, albeit not as ‘working members’. Their last public appearance was on Valentine’s Day, where they wore matching royal blue and black outfits and seemed joyful at a Shakespeare celebration at Grosvenor House, also attended by Queen Camilla.

As per some media outlets, Kingston’s death, which came as a shock to many, including Prince William, the heir to the British crown, was not the reason behind the Prince of Wales’ last-minute withdrawal from the memorial service for the former king of Greece, Constantine II. This service was held in the Chapel of St George’s at Windsor Castle. Notwithstanding the recent tragedy, the in-laws managed to attend the ceremony. Despite their evident grief, they fulfilled their duty and returned to the chapel that had borne witness to their daughter’s joyful wedding to Kingston just five years prior.