Solinas Council in Extremis Passes 200 Resolutions Amid Clash with Todde

Solinas Council in Extremis Passes 200 Resolutions Amid Clash with Todde

In Sardinia beyond 200 resolutions were churned out in the ‘Cesarini area’ by the outgoing centre-right regional council, headed by Christian Solinas, in the lead up to the regional elections. However, the prospective president Alessandra Todde who still needs to wait for two weeks for the proclamation of those elected, is not in agreement. She took to Facebook to warn her predecessor, calling on President Christian Solinas to show due institutional respect and urging him and his council to immediately suspend the inappropriate resolutions and limit themselves to ordinary administration. Todde, highlighting the habitual lack of transparency which has characterized the last five years of administration, accuses them of keeping Sardinian citizens in the dark by not making many of the last-minute resolutions visible even a week after their approval.

She was able to learn from the press about the contents of these last-minute measures which includedappointments, extensions of positions, plans and programs that commit the administration for the coming years. She criticizes the outgoing council for defining all this without shame and without respect for citizens, arguing that most of these actions are not urgent and are not linked to legal obligations. Todde reminds Solinas that he had 5 years to plan and invest the resources he had available, and promises to scrutinize everything that has been done in the dark and on the backs of the Sardinians once she is officially in power.

Solinas addresses Todde, mentions 214 last-minute resolutions

In response to Todde’s accusations, the outgoing president of the Sardinia Region, Christian Solinas, defends his administration. He refers to the centre-left in the last legislature with the Pigliaru Council which approved 147 resolutions in two sessions prior to the elections of 24 February 2019 and adopted 63 resolutions after the vote, for a total of 210 acts.

Solinas to Todde: her victory is not yet certified

Solinas also advises Todde to be more cautious regarding the defeat of the outgoing council, noting that even if her victory is certified by a few hundred votes over the centre-right candidate, she must remember that her broad camp actually represents the minority of Sardinians. He suggests that a little more humility and prudence in statements would be more appropriate.

The former councilor: “In 2019 only ‘ordinary’ resolutions”

Former health councilor of the Sardinia region, Luigi Arru, states that the Pigliaru Council approved mostly resolutions relating to ordinary administration and accounting changes to budget items in the sessions of 5, 12, 19, 22 February and 5 and 14 March. He intervenes in response to Christian Solinas’ aggressive exit and Todde’s complaints, noting that what he claims “is easily found on the institutional website of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia”.