“They Said” New Headline Update

“They Said” New Headline Update

In a joint statement released after their meeting, Giorgia Meloni and Justin Trudeau, highlighted the collaboration between their nations as allies of NATO, G7, G20 and partners of the United Nations. They mentioned their shared effort to address global security, political, and economic crises such as Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and the ongoing conflicts in Gaza, the Middle East, and the Red Sea.

Furthermore, they discussed the priorities of Italy’s G7 presidency and their joint commitment to tackle global challenges and promote common goals.

The two leaders emphasized their cooperation as Italy takes the G7 presidency in 2024, followed by Canada in 2025. They pledged to uphold respect for the rules-based international order, protect international peace and security, and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms.

In addition, they voiced their intention to strengthen economic and supply chain resilience, govern artificial intelligence and digital technology, protect the environment, take climate action and clean energy, and ensure health and safety. They also expressed their anticipation for ongoing discussions within the G7 about combating irregular migration.


During her face-to-face meeting with Trudeau in Toronto, Giorgia Meloni emphasized a concrete approach to the G7 presidency and the relations between their countries. She insisted on the need for concrete actions to effect change.

The meeting was a chance to discuss the main themes of the upcoming G7 summit in Puglia. Meloni noted Trudeau’s upcoming presidency of the G7 and the shared traditions between their nations.

She also reiterated the importance of discussing the crisis in the Middle East to prevent its escalation, a topic she had discussed with President Biden the previous day.


Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau welcomed Giorgia Meloni to Canada and commended her leadership of the G7. He referred to their previous meeting in Ukraine, where Meloni demonstrated Italy and the G7’s commitment to supporting Ukraine.

Trudeau spoke of the numerous critical issues to focus on and praised Meloni’s skills and her focus on concrete actions. He recalled their collaborative effort in Ukraine and declared their intent to fulfill global expectations through the G7. Trudeau also mentioned their discussions on the economic challenges faced by modern democracies.