Treecorp Looking for Partner for its 90% Stake in Coritiba

Treecorp Looking for Partner for its 90% Stake in Coritiba

The owner of Treecorp Investments, which holds 90% shares of SAF do Coritiba, a renowned football club, is reportedly in search of a partner to share its stake in the club. This news has been revealed by Bloomberg, who are renowned globally for their financial news coverage.

In order to accomplish this mission, Treecorp has joined hands with Oakwell Sports Advisory. Oakwell Sports Advisory is a financial consultancy that specializes in providing services to the sports sector.

Bloomberg has also stated that Treecorp is planning to partner with a potential investor who already owns multiple clubs and can help Coxa fit into its structure. Through this partnership, the fund aims to make Coxa more competitive and introduce the latest technology at Alto da Glória.

Back in June 2023, Treecorp had finalized its purchase of 90% of SAF from Alviverde. The North American investment fund has committed to invest R$1.3 billion in Coxa over a span of the next ten years.

Out of the total sale amount, R$500 million will be dedicated towards modernizing Couto Pereira, R$270 million will be used to settle all debts, R$100 million will be allocated for the construction of a new training center, and the remaining R$450 million is to be used exclusively for football operations.

OneTwo Sports has confirmed that Coritiba was approached by a potential investor interested in investing in the club.

According to a statement released by the club, “Treecorp was approached by a potential strategic investor, who expressed interest in joining the Coritiba project together with the current investors. However, the talks are still in their initial stages.”

Upon being contacted by UmDois for a comment, Treecorp has chosen to remain silent on the matter.

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