US Bolsters Military Support for Guyana Amid Venezuela Threats

US Bolsters Military Support for Guyana Amid Venezuela Threats

In a decisive move to bolster Guyana’s defense, the United States government has chosen to amplify its military aid to the South American country, which is currently embroiled in territorial disputes with Venezuela. As per the reports by the esteemed news agency, Associated Press (AP), the enhanced aid package will encompass US assistance for Guyana to procure new aircraft such as planes and helicopters, alongside drones and radar systems, all aimed to escalate its defense capabilities.

The resolution to augment the defense aid to this relatively small South American country was conclusively affirmed post a significant meeting held on Sunday (4) between the representatives of the two nations. The crucial discussion revolved around strategizing ways to fortify Guyana’s territorial integrity, in view of potential external aggression.

As presented by the AP, Jon Finer, US Deputy National Security Advisor, has underscored that the nature of this cooperation is purely “defensive”. He further stressed that the US does not endorse countries making threats or employing force against others, thereby suggesting the peaceful intent behind this alliance.

The territorial dispute primarily centers around the Essequibo region, a bountiful area renowned for its natural and mineral resources, and accounting for approximately 70% of Guyana’s territory. The regime in Caracas has been staking a claim to this region, even conducting a referendum last year to seek public “support” for its annexation.

As stated by the Argentine news outlet Infobae, Guyana’s President Irfaan Ali has announced that his government is on the verge of procuring a fleet of a minimum of four American helicopters, in addition to drones, planes, and other essential equipment. General Omar Khan, the country’s chief of staff, also mentioned that authorities are set to purchase radar systems to enhance air and maritime surveillance and capabilities.