Visakhapatnam Harbour Fire Possibly Ignited by YouTuber’s Feud with Competitors

Visakhapatnam Harbour Fire Possibly Ignited by YouTuber’s Feud with Competitors

A dispute between a young YouTuber and his rivals may have led to a massive fire at a jetty in Visakhapatnam, destroying 25 boats. The YouTuber, known for his fishing videos, is being questioned by investigators to determine the cause of the fire that has caused panic in the area.

Police sources have revealed that the YouTuber had a monetary dispute with some individuals, and it is possible that his rivals intentionally set fire to one of his boats at the harbour. When fishermen and local residents noticed the fire, they attempted to contain it by separating the burning boat from others. However, wind and water movements brought the boat back, resulting in the spread of the fire to 25 boats.

The boats were filled with diesel and gas cylinders commonly used by fishermen, which fueled the fire and caused explosions. The presence of flammable fishing gear, including nets, further exacerbated the situation. Despite the efforts of fire engines, the flames could not be fully extinguished. Eventually, an Indian Navy vessel was called in and managed to put out the fire using a combination of sand, foam, and chemicals.

The damage caused by the fire amounts to approximately Rs 5 crore, with each boat costing Rs 15 lakh. Unfortunately, most of the fishermen’s boats were uninsured, adding to their tragic losses. In response to the incident, Visakhapatnam Police Commissioner Ravi Shankar has announced a multidisciplinary investigation involving port, fisheries, and police authorities.

The investigation aims to uncover the truth behind the incident and hold those responsible accountable.