Everything Superb, Same as Last Year

Everything Superb, Same as Last Year

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, aged 81, has successfully passed his annual routine medical check-up at a military hospital situated in Maryland. This has happened amidst the public’s apprehension regarding his potential inability to serve another term in November due to his advanced age and perceived health concerns.

In a candid conversation with journalists upon his return to the White House, Biden compared this year’s medical assessment to the previous one. “No different than last year”, he remarked. Reassuring everyone about his well-being, he added, “Everything is great”.

During last year’s assessment, his physician had declared Biden to be in good health and “fit to perform his duties”. Furthermore, he showed no lingering symptoms of COVID-19, having successfully fought the virus in 2022. In an unrelated procedure, a lesion was also removed from his chest during that period.

Following this year’s examination, the doctor’s report reiterated that President Biden remains “fit for duty”, capable of performing all assigned duties without any exceptions or accommodations. This report summary was released by the White House. Addressing the media, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre clarified that the president had not undergone a cognitive function test as there was no necessity for it. Responding to queries about whether the American public should have any concerns, Biden humorously alluded to his age, stating, “Um, so maybe they think I look too young.”

This medical review is especially significant as it is the last one before the upcoming presidential election scheduled for November 5th of this year, where Biden will be contesting against the former Republican President Donald Trump, aged 77. Both candidates have had their mental capacity questioned. Despite these concerns, President Biden continues to enjoy his leisure activities like golfing and cycling. However, his occasional speech difficulties, physical health concerns, and age have led to some questioning his ability to effectively perform as the commander in chief of the US military.