First Sheet Metal Damage, then SEK Deployment

First Sheet Metal Damage, then SEK Deployment

In the city of Hamburg, an otherwise unremarkable accident rapidly escalated into a perilous SWAT operation!

On Saturday evening at 9:08 p.m., a crash occurred on Cuxhavener Straße. The individual who caused the accident hastily left the scene in his severely damaged Mercedes Sprinter.

Upon responding to the incident, the police received what they referred to as “serious information” which led them to a deeply troubling suspicion. They began to believe that the driver who had absconded from the scene of the accident might be in possession of a live firearm.

Given the potential severity of the situation, it was determined that this was a job for the special forces.

Utilizing the address of the owner, the officers were able to ascertain the location of the man’s residence as well as the vehicle. Heavily armed special task force members, known as SEK, stormed the man’s residence in order to conduct a search. However, they found no evidence of a weapon.

The suspected individual was initially taken into custody but was later allowed to leave the police station.

Subsequently, police officers employed the use of explosives-sniffing dogs to conduct a thorough search of the Sprinter vehicle and the suspect’s apartment, in a bid to find any additional evidence.

The circumstances and details surrounding this case remain somewhat unclear and are currently under investigation.