Hamas Reportedly Agrees to Release 50 Hostages in 4-5 Days as Part of Deal with Israel

Hamas Reportedly Agrees to Release 50 Hostages in 4-5 Days as Part of Deal with Israel

The Israeli Cabinet is set to meet on Tuesday to approve a deal for the release of around 50 hostages from Gaza, according to a report by The Times of Israel. The hostages, including children, mothers, and other women, are expected to be freed by Hamas over a period of 4-5 days. The agreement primarily focuses on the release of Israeli hostages, with discussions about foreign hostages not currently being considered.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s office announced that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will convene the War Cabinet, Security Cabinet, and Government to discuss the issue. The hostages were abducted by Hamas and other terror groups during attacks on October 7, with the total number of abductees reaching 240, including 40 children, elderly individuals, and Thai and Nepali nationals.

The deal for the release of the Israeli hostages will also involve the release of approximately 150 to 300 Palestinian prisoners in Israel, including female and minor prisoners. The hostage releases are expected to commence on Thursday or Friday, with the possibility of extending the ceasefire to facilitate the release of additional hostages after the initial 50.

Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant acknowledged that difficult decisions will have to be made regarding the hostages held by Hamas. He expressed his constant concern for the hostages throughout the 45-day campaign. In addition, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) posted a video on X, showcasing the reasons behind Hamas using the Shifa Hospital as a location to hold hostages.

On World Children’s Day, Israel shared pictures of children held hostage by Hamas terrorists in Gaza, calling for action from the international community to bring them home. They emphasized that more than 30 Israeli babies, toddlers, and children are currently being held hostage in Gaza and should be with their families. The IDF also highlighted the invasion conducted by Hamas on October 7, during which over 200 innocent people were abducted and transported to Gaza by force.

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