Helsinki Stock Exchange Opens Positively, Bittium’s Shares Rise Following Lockheed Martin Contract

Helsinki Stock Exchange Opens Positively, Bittium’s Shares Rise Following Lockheed Martin Contract

After a while of trading, the general index of the Helsinki Stock Exchange was up 0.2 percent at 9847.02 points. The most traded stock of the morning was a forest company UPM-Kymmene whose share was up 1.3 percent at 29.87 euros. The strongest rise in morning trading was a technology company Bittium whose share was up 7.1 percent at 4.535 euros.

On the other hand, in the downward direction, the construction consulting company announced its results in the morning Sitowise whose share was down 11.2 percent at 2.53 euros. Bittium announced its subsidiary in the morning, Wireless Oy, signed the framework agreement for indirect industrial cooperation related to the procurement of F-35 fighter jets signed by the members of the research and business consortium led by Lockheed Martin.

The framework agreement has been signed as part of the indirect industrial cooperation for Finland’s F-35 fighter procurement. The other members of the consortium led by Bittium are the Technology Research Center MTB Oy and offering technological solutions for, among other things, the space industry Huld Oy. The framework agreement applies to the years 2024–2026 and its total value is approximately 3.7 million US dollars, distributed among the consortium member companies in proportion to the amount of work performed.

Media company Sanoman belonging to the board Anna Herlin continued buying shares in the company from the beginning of the week. According to the announcement given to the market, Herlin bought on Monday Holding Manutas 20,000 Sanoma shares through the company. The value of the transactions was around 130,000 euros. At the time of the review, Sanoma’s share was up 1.6 percent at 6.80 euros.

Legal services company Fondian the shareholders’ nomination committee has presented the new composition of the board to the company’s spring general meeting. The number of board members is still proposed to be six people. As a new member, there is a candidate Sami Honkonen. Served as a member since 2022 Krista Siljander has announced that he is not available for the next appointment period. The other members of the board are nominated again.

The Board of Directors also proposes to the Annual General Meeting that, based on the financial statements to be confirmed for the fiscal year 1 January to 31 December 2023, a regular dividend of EUR 0.32 and an additional dividend of EUR 0.20 for each dividend-entitled share will be paid from the parent company’s distributable assets. An additional dividend is proposed to be distributed in honor of Fondia’s 20th anniversary. Fondia’s share had not been traded by the time of the review.

IT service company Siili Solutions the shareholders’ nomination committee has presented the new composition of the board to the company’s spring general meeting. The company’s shareholders’ nomination committee proposes that the members of the current board of directors be re-elected for the next term of office Harry Brady, Tero Ojanperä and Jesse Maula. Anu Nissinen and Kati Hagros have announced that they are no longer available for the position of board member. The nomination committee proposes that new members be elected to the board Henna Mäkinen and Katarina Cantell.

Four morning earnings

Siili published its half-year review on Tuesday. The company’s turnover in July–December was EUR 57.4 million. The turnover for the comparison period was 59.5 million euros. Siili’s adjusted ebita result weakened to 3.7 million euros from 5.4 million euros. Siili’s share was at 9.22 euros at yesterday’s close in the morning.

A health technology company specializing in mapping the functional areas of the cerebral cortex and brain stimulation also published its results report I don’t like it, a construction consulting company Sitowise and customer communication software developer LeadDesk. Nexstim’s turnover rose to 4.7 million euros in July–December 2023. At the same time a year ago, the turnover was 2.7 million euros. Nexstim’s EBITDA was 0.6 million euros in the second half of last year, while it was a loss of 1.2 million euros in the comparison period.

Nexstim’s share price was up 0.4 percent at 2.44 euros. Leaddesk’s turnover increased slightly in the last quarter of 2023. Turnover in October–December was 7.55 million euros, while it was 7.31 million euros in the same period a year earlier. Leaddesk’s EBITDA fell to 0.95 million euros in the last quarter from 0.96 million euros in the comparison period. Leaddesk’s share was up by around 2.0 percent at EUR 8.24 after a short period of trading.

In October-December, Sitowise’s net sales fell to 52.8 million euros from 57.6 million euros in the comparison period of the previous year. The company’s adjusted ebita clearly dropped to 2.4 million euros, while the adjusted ebita accumulated a year earlier was 5.3 million euros. Inderes updated Viafin Service target price to 15.00 euros from the previous 14.00 euros. The add recommendation was repeated.