Implement a Humanitarian Plan Prior to Entering Rafah

Implement a Humanitarian Plan Prior to Entering Rafah
In a recent conversation with Israeli cabinet member Benny Gantz, US Vice President Kamala Harris stressed the urgent need for Israel to bolster the provision of humanitarian aid to the embattled Gaza Strip. She also underscored the necessity for the development and implementation of a comprehensive humanitarian plan prior to any proposed military incursion into the Rafah area. This information was disclosed in an official White House statement.According to the statement, the Vice President and Minister Gantz engaged in a discussion centered around the prevailing situation in Rafah. A key point of their conversation revolved around the critical need for a credible, comprehensive and actionable humanitarian strategy prior to any major military action in the region. This, they agreed, was crucial in order to mitigate any potential risks that such an operation could pose to civilian lives.

Moreover, the statement revealed that Vice President Harris urged Israel to take further steps to augment the flow of humanitarian aid to Gaza. She also emphasized the need for a cooperative effort, involving the US and international partners, to ensure the safe and efficient distribution of aid to those most in need. This call to action underscores the Biden administration’s commitment to providing much-needed relief to the beleaguered region.

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