Israel Claims to Have Killed Top Hamas Commander in Gaza Camp Strike: Report

Israel Claims to Have Killed Top Hamas Commander in Gaza Camp Strike: Report

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) claimed on Tuesday that it had killed Ibrahim Biari, the commander of Hamas’s Central Jabaliya Battalion, in a strike on the Jabalya refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, according to a report by CNN. However, Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qassem denied the presence of Biari in the camp.

The IDF stated that Biari was responsible for sending terrorist operatives to conduct an attack on Israel on October 7. Lieutenant Colonel Richard Hecht, the IDF spokesperson, had earlier announced that they were targeting a senior Hamas commander in the area surrounding the camp.

In a statement, the IDF said, “A short while ago, IDF fighter jets, acting on ISA intelligence, killed Ibrahim Biari, the Commander of Hamas’ Central Jabaliya Battalion. Biari was one of the leaders responsible for sending ‘Nukbha’ terrorist operatives to Israel to carry out the murderous terror attack on October 7th. Numerous Hamas terrorists were hit in the strike.”

Biari had been overseeing all military operations in the northern Gaza Strip since the start of the IDF’s ground operation. He was also involved in multiple attacks on Israel over the years. The IDF carried out a wide-scale strike on terrorists and terror infrastructure belonging to the Central Jabalya Battalion, causing significant damage to Hamas’ command and control and its ability to direct military activity against IDF soldiers in Gaza. The strike resulted in the collapse of underground infrastructure used by Hamas.

According to Palestinian reports cited by The Times of Israel, at least 50 people were killed in the strike and subsequent collapse. The IDF reiterated its call for residents in the area to move south for their safety.

In other news, the IDF reported another barrage of rockets launched at Tel Aviv and central Israel. Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, the IDF spokesperson, stated that the fighting in the Gaza Strip is becoming more complex as soldiers operate deeper into the region. He mentioned that in the fierce battles that took place on Tuesday, two Israeli soldiers were killed while attempting to capture a Hamas stronghold in Jabaliya.

Hagari also mentioned an intercepted missile and several drones launched from Yemen towards Israel, stating that there are elements in the region under Iranian orders, such as the Houthis, who try to challenge Israel and divert attention from the war in Gaza. He emphasized that the IDF remains focused on the fighting in Gaza and will respond at the time and place of their choosing.

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