Israel Prepared to Amend Song Lyrics

Israel Prepared to Amend Song Lyrics

Following controversy over the allegedly political content of Israel’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in Malmö, Sweden, Israeli public broadcaster Kan has agreed to amend the original lyrics. The broadcaster has contacted the lyricists of the songs “October Rain” and “Dance Forever” requesting them to revise the lyrics while respecting their artistic freedom.

Kan will now choose the song to be submitted to the Eurovision Control Committee from the newly proposed lyrics. The selected song will be announced on March 10th. Israel’s President Yitzhak Herzog had called for necessary adjustments to ensure Israel’s participation in the event.

According to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) rules, the lyrics of Eden Golan’s “October Rain” could have been deemed too political and potentially disqualified. The EBU is currently reviewing the text. If a song is deemed unacceptable, broadcasters have the chance to submit a new song or lyrics in accordance with the ESC rules.

Additionally, the EBU rejected calls to exclude Israel from this year’s competition due to the conflict in the Gaza Strip. The EBU stated that the ESC is a competition between public broadcasters, not governments.

Israel, with four victories and numerous top placements, is one of the most successful participants in the music show. In 1998, Dana International won the competition with her song “Diva”, and most recently the Israeli Netta brought the ESC victory to Israel with the feminist song “Toy”.

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