MrBeast, Popular YouTuber, Endures Mental Agony While Being Buried Alive for a Week

MrBeast, Popular YouTuber, Endures Mental Agony While Being Buried Alive for a Week

YouTuber MrBeast Endures Mental Agony in 7-Day Buried Alive Stunt

Popular YouTuber MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, shocked his 212 million subscribers with a jaw-dropping stunt. He voluntarily spent seven days sealed inside a coffin and buried underground, an experience he described as “mental agony.” MrBeast, always aiming to entertain, urged his followers not to attempt this dangerous feat.

In a reminiscent move from Uma Thurman’s character in the movie ‘Kill Bill,’ the social media sensation embarked on his latest daring adventure. Dressed in a suit, he was initially lowered into the ground inside a state-of-the-art transparent coffin equipped with food, water, and cameras to document the journey.

Using an excavator, MrBeast and his friends covered the coffin with 20,000 pounds of mud, ensuring it was completely submerged. In a video, he expressed his trust in the coffin, saying, “I’m entrusting my life to this coffin for the next seven days.” He stayed in contact with his team on the surface through a walkie-talkie.

Despite taking safety precautions, the seven-day ordeal proved to be extremely exhausting for the daredevil. There were moments when he broke down in tears, particularly when he was finally released from the casket. Another concern was the risk of blood clots in his legs after spending an extended period in a confined space. Thankfully, he emerged from his temporary burial unharmed.

This was not MrBeast’s first attempt at being buried alive. In 2021, he set a record by enduring 50 hours underground.

In other news, MrBeast’s financial success continues to soar. In 2021, he earned a staggering $54 million and reportedly makes around $5 million per month, solidifying his position as YouTube’s highest-paid content creator, according to Forbes.