Restoration of Marble Statues and Bronze Groups at the Altare della Patria Underway

Restoration of Marble Statues and Bronze Groups at the Altare della Patria Underway

Edith Gabrielli, the general director of the Vittoriano museum-palazzo Venezia, referred to the ViVe and the Altar of the Fatherland as “One of the symbols of the nation, both of the Risorgimento and of the Republic, but also a work of art to be protected and valorised”. This description was given in relation to the ongoing restoration work on the marble statues that adorn the fountains, which represent the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic seas, as well as the bronze groups that ideally depict the Thought and Action. The restoration also includes the flagpoles on which the tricolor flags with the Winged Victories are hoisted, and the golden finishes. The restoration project is expected to be completed by 25th September, taking into account the interruptions for institutional ceremonies.

Gabrielli further elaborated on the vision for the monument in the Edith Gabrielli Refectory room at Palazzo Venezia. She said, “We want to pave the way for the full valorization of the monument and its artists, also in relation to the construction site for the Piazza Venezia stop of the C metro line, for which we will develop an intervention protocol”. She emphasized the need for balance between conservation and innovation, which can only be achieved through collaboration between the public and private sectors.

In this instance, the private sector is represented by the Bulgari Group , who have made a substantial donation of 240,000 euros through the art bonus. Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of the company, spoke of his longstanding connection to Rome and the Vittoriano, and expressed his pleasure in being able to contribute to its restoration. He added, “Rome inspires a gigantic dimension and the Bulgari group owes much if not everything to Rome, a continuous source of inspiration, being the city richest in art in the world. Now we want to give back to Rome what Rome has given us.”

Susanna Sarmati , the restorer, explained that up until now, the Victorian has been seen as a unique architectural monument, which has undergone even invasive restoration interventions. Their aim now is to highlight the individual works of art, in marble and bronze, contained within it. In addition to the restoration, a comprehensive plan to adapt the systems will also be put into place, with a budget allocation of 17 million euros, 14 from the Ministry of Culture and 3 from the Ministry of Defence . This plan also includes a rethinking of the lighting systems.

The work site will be open to visitors in small groups, upon reservation, providing both Roman citizens and tourists with the opportunity to observe the restoration process firsthand during a guided tour. Weekly video documentaries will also be published on the ViVe website to keep the public informed about the progress of the works.

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