Texas Officials: Man Disappears Following Doctor Appointment, Vehicle Discovered by Farmhand

Texas Officials: Man Disappears Following Doctor Appointment, Vehicle Discovered by Farmhand

A man from Texas has gone missing after failing to return home from a doctor’s appointment, according to officials. The Bowie County Sheriff’s Office was notified by the man’s family in October when he did not come back from his appointment. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department revealed in a news release on November 14 that the man had been missing for 24 hours at that point, and the dropping temperatures, reaching the 30s, led investigators to fear the worst.

During the search, a farmhand at a local ranch contacted TPWD game wardens after discovering an abandoned vehicle stuck in mud. The vehicle was confirmed to belong to the missing man and was found 16 miles away from his intended destination. With this new information, officials shifted their focus to the 3,000-acre farm. They utilized dogs, drones, ATVs, and a helicopter to aid in the search effort.

While the ground was being scoured by crews on ATVs, the helicopter scouted ahead and eventually spotted a motionless figure on one of the farm trails situated between a river and the fields. The farmhand, along with the game wardens, quickly approached the location and were relieved to find the man lying on the ground. Initially fearing that they were too late, the group discovered that the man was still alive as he moved when they checked his pulse.

The team provided him with warmth by using their jackets and administered first aid. The man regained consciousness, began drinking water, and engaged in conversation. They then transported him to a nearby road where a waiting helicopter airlifted him to a hospital. Officials stated that despite being exposed to freezing temperatures for 48 hours, the man is expected to fully recover.

The officials expressed their gratitude to the three men who reported the abandoned vehicle and volunteered to assist in the search and care of the missing individual.

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