Ideal Job for 18-24 Year Olds: Good Salary, Positive Work Environment, and Leisure Time

Ideal Job for 18-24 Year Olds: Good Salary, Positive Work Environment, and Leisure Time

The ISC Paris-BVA Xsight study is an analysis of the views and perceptions of young individuals towards the professional world. The study is based on the responses of a sample size of 1,100 young people aged 18 to 24. The respondents, comprising students and young professionals, were asked to describe their ideal job. Most respondents indicated that a good salary, a positive working atmosphere, and adequate free time for personal matters were the three most important elements of an ideal job.

The study was revealed on Thursday, February 29, and offered several key insights.

Entrepreneurship and international life are idealized

According to the study, 29% of the young respondents consider self-employment as their dream job. This perspective is generally influenced by successful entrepreneurs and influencers who promote financial independence on social media. According to Jean-Christophe Hauguel, the director of ISC Paris, the inclination towards self-employment and business creation has increased from 24% to 29% as per the study’s barometers. The director believes that this trend, although somewhat mythical, is a promising sign for the entrepreneurial spirit in French society, a crucial element for innovation and economic performance.

The study also revealed that 14% of young people envision themselves working internationally. However, only 2% of the respondents considered working in a startup as an ideal job.

The study indicated a decreased interest among young people towards the public sector, with only 10% favoring it. Large corporations, despite their stability and influence, also failed to attract young people, with only 10% considering it as their dream job.

Salary is deemed fair in relation to a good working atmosphere

The study showed that 44% of the respondents consider salary as the most important factor when choosing a company, closely followed by the work atmosphere. An increasing number of young people prioritize earning a good salary, regardless of the working conditions. When asked about the indicators of professional success, 35% pointed to a good salary. Moreover, 26% of workers negotiated their salary during the hiring process.

The study indicated that young people seek a balance between professional and personal life, with 43% considering free time for personal activities as a crucial element of an ideal job. This figure has increased from 37% since 2022. Additionally, 46% believe that maintaining this balance positively influences their happiness at work. According to Jean-Christophe Hauguel, young people recognize the importance of ecological issues on a macro level but fail to prioritize them in their own work or company.

47% foresee a career change

The study revealed that 29% of young people want to continue in the same profession after their first job. However, 47% are considering a career change, either to start a business (15%), pursue a more meaningful profession (12%), or change their life or work sector entirely. According to Jean-Christophe Hauguel, this finding poses a significant challenge for companies to retain their talent, especially when 80% of young workers claim to be satisfied with their current job.

Despite this, 80% of young people are satisfied with their current job, with only 27% being completely satisfied. Young workers appreciate the autonomy in their roles (86%), especially those who have received higher education (89%), the work atmosphere (83%), and their relationships with colleagues.

To achieve their career goals, young people expect their post-baccalaureate education to provide them with a recognized diploma and relevant skills. They also value internships, quality teaching, and international exposure. The study found that 54% believe that prolonged studies are not necessary for success, and 38% expressed a desire to pursue manual professions such as cooking, pastry-making, floristry, landscaping, etc.

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