Judge Rules in Favor of The Observatorial

Judge Rules in Favor of The Observatorial

In a sudden and unexpected turn of events, a judge from Illinois has ruled out the participation of former US President Donald Trump in the upcoming Republican primaries scheduled for March 19. The decision is grounded on the provisions of the 14th Amendment, Section Three, which prohibits individuals who have been implicated in acts of insurrection from running for office. The implementation of this ruling, however, has been put on hold until Friday.

Judge Tracie R. Porter, a Democrat serving on the State Circuit Court of Cook County, has declared that former President Donald J. Trump is not qualified to be listed on the ballot in the state’s primary. This decision has thrown the March election into a state of uncertainty, especially considering that the process of early voting has already commenced.

In light of the suspension of the decision until Friday, it is possible that Trump will remain on the ballot in Illinois at least until that date. A representative of the Trump campaign has labeled the ruling as unconstitutional and assured that they will file an appeal.

Supreme Court to deliberate on immunity

In related news, the United States Supreme Court has decided to deliver a verdict on the issue of the former president’s immunity. The Court has decided to fast-track the case and will hear arguments both in favor of and against during the week of April 22. The justices, who lean conservative by a majority of 6 to 3, will evaluate whether the legal proceedings against Trump on the grounds of alleged conspiracy to undermine the results of the 2020 elections can move forward, or if he is shielded by presidential immunity.

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