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Jack SteveDecember 12, 20202min0

A common misconception that tends to be prevalent among people that don’t have a very good understanding of the nature of how the law works is that lawyers should never become emotionally involved with their clients. People think that lawyers should always distance themselves. Otherwise, they would never be able to end up doing a good job once all has been said and is now out of the way. This is often assumed because doctors do have to distance themselves emotionally; otherwise, they would not get the chance to actively treat the sick person at this current point in time. read more

Jack SteveNovember 13, 20205min0

Although Federal Laws have not approved the legality of marijuana consumption, California has passed its law to consume the same for its citizens. It liberalized the consumption of cannabis for medical use as well as adult-use from the year 2016. It has paved the way for mass consumption of cannabis, and naturally, this had enabled many companies to make products that are approved to be safe for adults. It also means that there wouldn’t be any further interference from local governments and other legal authorities.  read more

Jack SteveSeptember 22, 20205min0

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